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Business License Online Application

**Assembly Bill 3002 went into effect on January 1, 2019, which provides information regarding disability access requirements and resources to business owners.

To read the full notice, click HERE.

**If you are wanting to participate at Market Night, you must contact Market Night Staff to become an approved vendor prior to applying for a business license.

Senate Bill (SB) 205, signed by Gov. Newsom in 2019, requires a person or entity who conducts a business operation that is a “regulated industry” to demonstrate enrollment with the NPDES permit program. The SB 205 only affects those businesses with primary Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes that are identified by the State Water Board as requiring enrollment in the Industrial General Permit (IGP) are affected. Completion and submission of this information is required with your 2020 business license application. For more information, please click HERE.
City of Redlands - NEW Business License Application
What you need to know to get started:

1. Business licenses are renewed annually.

2. Business start date is the first date your business started in the City of Redlands.

3. Employee identification number is REQUIRED. Sole owner or partnerships are required to provide social security numbers for all owners/partners or other accepted alternative forms of identification (CA Driver's License No., CA Identification No., ITIN, or MID). LLC, Limited Partnership, Trust or Corporations are required to provide a FEIN or SEIN for the business.

4. If the business is located in the City of Redlands, you must also complete a Zone Clearance Application Form and submit it electronically with your Business License application. Prior to issuance of a new business license, the Zone Clearance Form must be reviewed and approved by City staff in the Planning Division, Building & Safety Division, and Fire Dept./Fire Prevention.

5. Payment will not be required until your application has been accepted. You will receive an email verifying the receipt of application. Within 3 days you will receive an email containing the amount due and instructions how to make payment online.

We wish you much success in your business venture. If you have any questions, please contact us at (909) 479-2111.